Introductions to "Behind the Shot"

Formal Introductions to "Behind the Shot" 

Lets face it, photography in  the 21st century is widespread. Your two month old is now sporting Sony Alphas and flying drones from the crib. Youtube is your masters degree and your facebook group full of stay at home moms is your support audience. My slight disdain is not meant to deter you from your camera as this is simply the reality we live in. Photography is a tool of connection and experience and we are fortunate to be able to document our visions (but really maybe pretty please don't use portrait mode propped up in your poorly lit bathroom for your next LinkedIn head shot 🙏 )
Call someone. We gotchu. Promise. 

To me, the final image hanging on the wall or as your MacBook wallpaper, doesn't serve justice to the experience of this frozen moment in time being born into the world.

All of the moments leading up to you clicking that button are just as much art as the final product.
Its performance art. A dance in the style of planning, hiking, walking, training your body to carry heavy gear, sleepless nights, lots of caffeine, lots of solitude, all wrapped up in a bundle made out of  the craft of seeing and patience. Add a dash of luck and some espresso and you are well on your way.

I consider myself a fine art landscape photographer. My images are documentary with a specific style in mind. I search for ethereal other worldly places. If the desired location is not ethereal or otherworldly, i will only shoot at at the crack of dawn and sunset. If that fails, I simply will leave slightly groaning and complaining in search of new lands to conquer. Its a game of chance many times.

In all honesty, sometimes this sucks. Your back hurts. Your knees hurt. I am hungry, cold, deprived of nourishment. The weather will just not let up. Perhaps I am a bit of a masochist by nature but despite every lack of human comfort that you face, every single second is worth it and I would relive every experience down to every painful jab in my spine, all over again, for eternity.

When that photograph takes form in front of your lens and you're at your wits end, that my friends, is salvation.

Every image I have captured has a life story. It has a narrative of coming to fruition both good and bad.  The point of these "Behind the Shot" blog posts is to show you the behind the scenes life and the art of the experience of creating.

Raw & Unlatched.

👽Anna Ry.


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