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Behind the Shot #2 Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Utah

Behind the Shot #2   Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Utah
Canon 5D Mark 3, Canon 70-200mm 2.8  Iso:800 SS:1250 Fstop: 6.3  Time: 5:58pm

Back in March of 2018, I moved into my Honda Hrv and lurked around the four corner states for two months. This image was from one of my earlier stops in Utah. 

Coral Sands was supposed to be a quick over night stop in between Lake Powell and Zion/Bryce Canyon. My plans to hike some slot canyons along the way quickly got deterred as
 heavy rains came through.
New plan: wait out the incoming early afternoon storms.
 I slept in a McDonald's parking lot as it poured, edited photos at my steering wheel and graciously helped myself to their wifi.

^Not always a pretty sight but that's ok too.^
Your will to be flexible and adaptive gets tested often on the road. There's so much shit out of your control but that is what makes this so alluring all at the same time. 

I try not to spend too much money going out to eat during solo travels but on days when its…

Behind the Shot #1 West Fjords, Iceland

Behind the Shot #1    West Fjords,Iceland 
Canon 5D Mark 4, Canon 70-200mm 2.8  Iso:1000 SS:3200 Fstop: 4.5  7:00am(ish)

Welcome to the first post of Behind the Shot! If you haven't read the intro post, here's a brief overview:

 Photography has always had a whole world occurring behind the frame. 
We admire the polished finished product but what does the road look like leading up to it?   
Many see it as simple click of a button or get a good camera and a good photo will follow. 
Travel is now glorified through immaculate Instagram images but the truth is, its hard work and the polished finished product doesn't show the bumpy road it took to get there. 
Behind the shot will explore an image per post and the stories of how each photograph came to be. 
Raw & Unfiltered. 

This image had a gloomier origin but every dreary tale has at least one beautiful, light at the end o…

Introductions to "Behind the Shot"

Formal Introductions to "Behind the Shot"
Lets face it, photography in  the 21st century is widespread. Your two month old is now sporting Sony Alphas and flying drones from the crib. Youtube is your masters degree and your facebook group full of stay at home moms is your support audience. My slight disdain is not meant to deter you from your camera as this is simply the reality we live in. Photography is a tool of connection and experience and we are fortunate to be able to document our visions (but really maybe pretty please don't use portrait mode propped up in your poorly lit bathroom for your next LinkedIn head shot 🙏 )
Call someone. We gotchu. Promise. 

To me, the final image hanging on the wall or as your MacBook wallpaper, doesn't serve justice to the experience of this frozen moment in time being born into the world.

All of the moments leading up to you clicking that button are just as much art as the final product.
Its performance art. A dance in the style of…