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Think. Learn. Breathe. Repeat. Use these tools to let feelings of anxiety settle. Learn something new. Use your isolated time to its fullest potential. Find a place of peace and do absolutely nothing. Settle into yourself. Go through what you mentally and emotionally need. Share. Support.Unwind. 
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Apps  Sleep* Relax* Meditate

Headspace InsightTimer MindBodyApp Simple Habit: Wellness & Sleep SleepsSounds Unplug

Meditate * Introspective * Transformative * Thought-provoking * Philosophy * Psyche
Be Here Now By Ram Dass  Carl Jung : Recommended: Man And His Symbols, The Red Book  Catching the Big Fish:Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity By David Lynch  Demian By Herman Hesse  I Ching/Book of Changes Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah By Richard Bach Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer Journey to the East By Herman Hesse  Labyrinths By Borges Letter to a Hindu By L…